Biometric Technology Part 3: Acceptance Grows in Self-Service Banking Kiosk Industry

CHARLOTTE, NC – July 24, 2017 – Have biometric technologies – fingerprint identification, iris scanning, facial recognition, voice scanning and signature recognition – evolved to the point where it makes sense for self-service banking kiosks to include these capabilities? Self-service kiosk industry observers recognize that biometric technologies are improving, but some still have concerns about reliability, cost, data security and integration with other software.  Source Technologies weighs in about security in this article from Kiosk Marketplace.

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About Source Technologies

Founded in 1986, Charlotte, NC-based Source Technologies is redefining the branch channel by helping banks transform their branches with automation, innovative technology and superior engineering. The company’s print solutions empower businesses to automate the secure printing of sensitive information and negotiable documents, and its ground-breaking transactional and interactive banking kiosks for self-service and retail applications enhance the self-service kiosk experience. Customers include six of the Top 10 US banks, 69 of the Fortune 100, and thousands of small and mid-sized companies. For more information, feel free to visit or connect with us on FacebookTwitter and LinkedIn.

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