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Secure Document Printing
Self-Service Payments
Self-Service Scheduling and Queuing

True Self-Service Kiosk Solutions

finger touching a personal teller machine

Source Technologies is the leading technology provider in the market to offer a true self-service kiosk. Our kiosk software has  the ability to implement unlimited workflows with hundreds of configurations and software integrations. Source Technologies can help you automate your customer’s transactions for improved response time and improved customer experience. 

Self-service kiosks can assist your government agency with the following: 

  • All Payment Types (Cash, Checks, Debit & Credit)
  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Line Queuing
  • In- Person Documentation Requests
  • Account lookup and inquiries

Secure Document Printing

Source Technologies MICR Printer printing a secure document

By utilizing our MICR check printing solutions, our government customers are able to issue official checks and disbursement items that improve efficiency and maintain utmost security. 

  • Eliminate the inventorying of pre-printed check stock with automated check printing plus copying/printing/scanning/fax capabilities
  • Eliminate manual reporting of issued items by automating the process
  • Create a digital audit of issued items by printing all security features and the MICR line with data from the teller system
  • Virtually eliminate related risks of fraud with extensive security features in check printing
  • Guarantee the readability of the MICR line through reader sorters with high quality MICR laser printer technology and MICR toner

Depending on how your office issues an Official Check, the transaction time can last up to eight minutes. Automating this process with our secure MICR check printing system takes this transaction time to two minutes.


Government Payment Solutions

Hand holding a check

As the world’s leading provider of secure MICR and payment technologies, Source Technologies suite of payment solutions consists of check printing applications, accounts payable automation, official check production, and self-service solutions for financial based transactions. Source Technologies provides decades of experience that will ensure your daily operations are secure and efficient.

CheckPartner Software - An enterprise or cloud based check/document disbursement software package; scalable to thousands of remote locations.

FormsPartner Software - A document and check design solution.



Source Technologies Kiosks Powering DMV Express

8 minutes improved wait time

increased membership

Self-service kiosks from Source Technologies can automate many DMV applications including license renewals and payment transactions. We provide a suite of solutions to facilitate reducing line queues, improving customer experience, and increasing efficiencies. 


“Sourcetech is a great corporate partner - they go the extra mile in every instance.”

- Thomas - Branch Support Manager, A Top 10 Bank

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