Video Teller vs. Personal Teller Machine

Author: Source Technologies

When was the last time you were completing a transaction on a self-service kiosk? It was likely at a grocery store self-check-out or an ATM machine. In both cases, you have interacted with a self-service kiosk.

However, if you have a more complex transaction that needs to be completed, you should seek an option that offers assistance to your unique situation. With banking transactions, you would probably go to your bank or credit union branch to stand in line for the next available bank teller, right?

What if you didn’t have to stand in line to wait for a teller, but instead could use a self-service kiosk and just have some assistance if needed? While a video teller machine provides virtual assistance that you would usually experience from a teller, the teller is actually completing the transaction for you. This is not really self-service. In contrast, a Personal Teller Machine allows you to complete transactions by yourself, with teller assistance on hand only if you need it.

What is a Video Teller

A video teller can give an ATM banking customer assistance with a remote teller via video connection. The customer can complete standard ATM transactions and get remote assistance for other transactions. For example, if a banking customer wants to make a split deposit, a video teller would take over the transaction for the customer.

Why use a  video teller:

  • 24/7 Access – Because the tellers are off-site, banks and credit unions can have resources to support these customer transactions beyond the normal 8 – 5 hours.
  • Consultation – The video teller can also provide banking consultative services in branches that staff may not otherwise have access to banking expertise.

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Why Choose a Personal Teller Machine 

Personal Teller Machines were created specifically to fill the need for in-branch teller transactions without the need of the teller, but with the capabilities that can go beyond a video teller machine. For example, a customer can get a cashier’s check using the Personal Teller Machine with no assistance needed from bank staff.

Cost is also a factor. Personal Teller Machines are typically half the cost of the video teller machine even without the resources staffed to support the video teller sessions. For in-branch self-service kiosk transactions, the Personal Teller Machine is ideal.

How to Incorporate Personal Teller Machines into Your Branch

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Editor’s Note: Updated on June 2, 2020. Originally published on June 28, 2017.