Pre-Printed Checks vs. Blank Check Stock – Why Should I Use Blank Check Stock for Check Printing?

Why should you use blank check stock instead of pre-printed checks for check printing?

MICR printing solution that uses secure blank check stock can save your company both time and money. Using blank check stock can save you up to 82% on the cost of paper and internal processes.

Check Stock
(Per Case)
Pre-Printed Check Stock Blank Check Stock
Form Acquisition Cost $100.00 $22.00
Waste $15.00
Inventory / Distribution $18.00 $1.98
Per-Form Total $133.00 $23.98
% Reduction 82%

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For every $100 a company spends to purchase a case of pre-printed checks, an additional $15 is spent on paper waste, and pre-printed check are often thrown out when static data edits are made. Count on an additional $18 to secure and distribute the checks, compared to just $22 to purchase blank check stock, with only $1.98 additional cost for inventory and distribution. Since the check stock is blank, it doesn’t become a “live” check until it’s printed on, and there is no need to worry about keeping it under lock and key. It simply does not warrant the same level of security required for pre-printed checks, and there is a great deal of cost savings – and fraud prevention.

Additional Cost Savings of Blank Check Stock vs. Pre-Printed Checks

Add even more to this blank check stock cost savings due to other maintenance and security considerations:

  • Eliminate dot matrix check printer maintenance costs.
  • Minimize the cost of labor and processes from storing, stocking and ordering updated pre-printed checks.
  • Virtually eliminate the risk of check fraud (approx. $17,000 in loss per successful fraud attempt)

Watch this video to see the MICR check printer solution in action using blank check stock against the traditional process that uses pre-printed checks.

Source Technologies’ MICR check printing solution combines secure MICR printersblank check stock and check printing software. The blank check stock includes a variety of security features including solvent reactive color spotting, anti-splice backer, simulated watermark and copy-void pantograph. Check out our secure check paper designs and contact us to learn more about setting up a MICR check printer solution with blank check stock.

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