Pre-Printed Checks vs. Blank Check Stock – Why Should I Use Blank Check Stock for Check Printing?

If you took a moment to view our video, most will agree the difference between retail branches issuing checks with blank check stock versus pre-printed check stock is stark, and cost savings are measurable.

A complete MICR printing solution utilizing Source Technologies’ secure MICR printers can virtually eliminate the expenses associated with purchasing, storing, distributing and tracking pre-printed check stock. A laser MICR printer solution utilizes blank check stock, offering immediate, significant savings on paper costs alone.

For every $100 spent on pre-printed check stock, an organization wastes approximately $15 and spends an additional $18 to distribute documents once printed. So that $100 worth of check stock really costs $133.

The same amount of BLANK check stock will cost just $22 with no waste and approximately $2 in distribution, for a savings of 82% on check stock.

Check Stock
(Per Case)
Pre-Printed Check Stock Blank Check Stock
Form Acquisition Cost $100.00 $22.00
Waste $15.00
Inventory / Distribution $18.00 $1.98
Per-Form Total $133.00 $23.98
% Reduction 82%

For every $100 a company spends to purchase a case of pre-printed checks, an additional $15 is spent on paper waste, and pre-printed check are often thrown out when static data edits are made. Count on an additional $18 to secure and distribute the checks, compared to just $22 to purchase blank check stock, with only $1.98 additional cost for inventory and distribution. Since the check stock is blank, it doesn’t become a “live” check until it’s printed on, and there is no need to worry about keeping it under lock and key. It simply does not warrant the same level of security required for pre-printed checks, and there is a great deal of cost savings – and fraud prevention.

In addition, secure MICR printer solutions from Source Technologies that employ many printed security features on the check document can virtually eliminate the risk of official check fraud.

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