Pre-Printed Checks vs. Blank Check Stock

Author: Source Technologies

By switching from pre-printed checks to blank checks, your business may be able to save up to 82% on internal processes and costs associated with paper. 

Adding MICR Printing Solutions can virtually eliminate the expenses associated with purchasing, storing, distributing, and auditing pre-printed check stock for your financial institution. A secure laser MICR printer solution to print official checks and money orders utilizes blank check stock, offering cost savings and immediate operational increased efficiencies due to the elimination of branch audit processes.

What is the Difference Between a Pre-Printed Check and Blank Check?

A pre-printed check and a blank check are different in many ways. In contrast to blank checks, the pre-printed checks already contain certain data items pre-printed on them that the blank checks don't. 

With a pre-printed check, the teller receives the checks from the vault at the beginning of the day to be used during the operating hours. When a check needs to be issued to a customer, the teller will typically use a dot matrix printer or other non-secure printer to print the data on the check. This entire process takes 8-9 minutes to print pre-printed checks. 

With blank check stock, you can print variable data, static data, and MICR line items in a matter of seconds by using a MICR printer. This on-demand check printing solution will allow your branch to eliminate the risk of fraud and improve bank processes.

Cost Savings to Switch from Pre-Printed Checks to Blank Checks

For every $100 a company spends to purchase a case of pre-printed checks, up to $15 can be lost on paper waste when pre-printed checks are often thrown out due to printing errors.  Because the check stock is blank, it does not become a "live" check until it is printed on, and therefore it is not necessary to keep it under lock and key. Blank checks do not require the same level of lock and key security that pre-printed checks require, and there is a great deal of cost savings – and fraud prevention. 

Here is a blank check vs. pre-printed check comparison breakdown:

Check Stock
(Per Case)
Pre-Printed Check Stock Blank Check Stock
Form Acquisition Cost $100.00 $22.00
Waste $15.00 -
Inventory / Distribution $18.00 $1.98
Per-Form Total $133.00 $23.98
% Reduction   82%


With more than 30 years of experience, Source Technologies continues to provide printing solutions with the highest levels of security. Our check printing solutions feature the most comprehensive set of security features in the industry. We pride ourselves on offering secure MICR check printers that minimize risk and mitigate waste to provide our customers with significant costs savings as well as protection against check fraud that is unparalleled. Contact Source Technologies for the printing of MICR checks and blank checks on-demand to start using our on-demand MICR printing solutions. 

Editor’s Note: This article was originally published on November 1, 2017, and it has been updated on November 16, 2021.