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Our MICR Guarantee

Source Technologies' engineered MICR solutions meets or exceeds ANSI bank readability standards. We are so confident in our technology, we back our solutions with a three year guarantee. If any MICR reject rate problems arise, we will help resolve them. If we are unable to resolve the issues, we will reimburse you for bank fees related to rejects, provided Source Technologies was notified of the problem, and we verify Source Technologies’ MICR printers or materials caused the bank fees.

Our Lexmark Partnership

Built on Quality and Trust
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For over 30 years, Source Technologies has partnered with Lexmark International, Inc. as their Exclusive Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) provider of MICR Printers and toner cartridges co-engineered by Source Technologies and Lexmark. Together, we are committed to providing quality products at valued pricing.


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