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Our Lexmark Partnership

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For over 30 years, Source Technologies has partnered with Lexmark International, Inc. as their Exclusive Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) provider of MICR Printers and toner cartridges co-engineered by Source Technologies and Lexmark.

Quality MICR Toner

MICR toner is used for checks, money orders, deposit slips, WIC vouchers, and other negotiable documents. Our solution includes extensive security features, MICR fonts and toners all designed to optimize the performance of our printers. Decades of research, development and testing have been put into our products, resulting in a solution that produces secure MICR documents of the highest quality using blank check stock.

When you purchase a MICR toner cartridge from Source Technologies, not only are you getting the highest quality MICR toner available, but you are also cementing your MICR Guarantee.

When you have all the right elements working together – Source Technologies printers, OEM MICR toner and approved check stock – you have the best technology working to protect your company against the risk of check fraud, costly bank reject fees, and process inefficiencies.

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MICR Printer Accessories

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Complement your MICR printer with our accessories including toner, locking paper drawers, and secure check stock. Visit our store to get all your printing needs.

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Our MICR Guarantee

Source Technologies' engineered MICR solutions meet or exceed ANSI bank readability standards. We are so confident in our technology, we back our solutions with a three year guarantee. If any MICR reject rate problems arise, we will help resolve them. If we are unable to resolve the issues, we will reimburse you for bank fees related to rejects, provided Source Technologies was notified of the problem, and we verify Source Technologies MICR printers or materials caused the bank fees.

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We are a large company with a personal touch.

With hundreds of years of technology experience, our in-house Support Team can solve your technology challenges. Our solutions are built and serviced by our Charlotte based team.

“There were only a couple of players that produced a product that could be used in our retail stores over 10+ years ago. Sourcetech was the obvious choice at the time, and they have proven to be the correct and enduring choice.”

- Steve, IT for a National Retailer

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