Tablet Assist and the Personal Teller Machine – Self-Service Solution

Author: Source Technologies

Self-Service Solutions

The internet and smartphones have escalated our adoption and expectation of self-service solutions. No need to call for takeout – just place your order online. Want some new music? Just download it to your phone. Buy concert tickets, watch movies, and get your news wherever you are, all with the click of a button. Banking is no different, and in recent years, financial institutions of all sizes have devoted significant resources to providing an online and mobile banking ability for their customers. Increasingly, we are living in a self-service world.


Tablet Assist and the Personal Teller Machine Integration

Inside the retail bank branch, the use of tablets has grown exponentially as financial institutions try to “untether” their bankers, creating mobility among service providers. Today bankers can be seen walking around the branch, consulting with customers and offering assistance on the spot using their tablets. These tablets are integrated with the institution’s teller system, so the banker has access to the same systems and technology she did when standing behind the teller counter.

The Personal Teller Machine also integrates to a bank’s teller platform and inside the system, can look exactly like a traditional teller drawer. So it makes perfect sense that the Personal Teller Machine supports the untethered bankers in its “tablet assist” functionality. If a user needs assistance, he simply pushes a button on the kiosk. A banker is alerted on the same tablet used for other types of assistance, and if needed, the banker can step in and complete the transaction via the self-service kiosk machine.

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