Top 6 Benefits of Bill Payment Kiosks

More and more retail businesses today are seeking solutions for easier in-store billpay and cash acceptance. At Source Technologies, we understand the need for a self-service system that is affordable, configurable and secure.

Our Self-Service BillPay solution is a bill payment kiosk ideal for retailers, cable companies, telecommunications companies and other businesses that accept walk-in bill payments, offering these 6 benefits:

Accept cash payments with BillPay for customers without bank accounts

The ability to accept any and all payments in a retail setting is critical to keeping the doors open and the lights on. Built for self-service applications, our bill payment kiosk is designed to accept cash payments for your billpay customers who do not have bank accounts.

Reduce in-store lines with a bill payment kiosk

By offering a self-service billpay option, your business is breaking up the traffic flow between a front desk and an autonomous payment option. With our bill payment kiosk, you offer customers more options to reduce wait time, and your overall customer service improves.

Offer multiple languages with our bill payment software

With its multi-lingual capability, our bill payment software is fully customizable. Enhance customer relations by offering multi-lingual options.

Up-sell and cross-sell your products & services with bill payment kiosks

Cross-promote your products and service on-screen on the bill payment kiosk. Not only are you able to offer optimal serviceability to your customers with Self-Service Bill Payment, but also you are able to endorse your products and services mid-transaction to promote your retail business growth.

Process payments nightly with our bill pay software

One of our primary goals in developing our bill payment software was reliability for business owners and customers alike. With the ability to process payments nightly into your bank account, you are mitigating any lapse in cash flow to be ready for business the next day.

Reduce loss from fraud and counterfeiting with our bill pay software

Perhaps most important to many retail business owners is ensuring security while offering convenience for customers. With our customer-authenticating and PCI-compliant bill payment kiosk, Source Technologies has engineered our bill pay solution for two-way coverage for both you and your customers.

For more information on how Source Technologies can work with your retail business to customize a Self-Service BillPay kiosk, contact us today!

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