3 Reasons for Self-Service Kiosks

Author: Source Technologies

According to Aite Group, in-person bill payments represent almost $450 billion each year. Processing such a large number of in-person payments can be expensive and problematic for retailers and utilities, especially without a retail self-service kiosk. Staff are employed to sell and service customers as opposed to accept bill payment transactions. Offering personal, one-on-one service for bill pay is too expensive and inefficient when there are better alternatives, such as self-service retail BillPay kiosks, for retail store environments. Here are 3 reasons to use retail self-service kiosks:

  • Reduce the amount of time your customers have to wait in line
    A New York Times article explains “Why Waiting in Line is Torture” for your customers. Providing a quick and easy way for consumers to pay their bills using a retail self-service kiosk significantly reduces wait times and reduces the need to stand in line.
  • Offer your customers an improved experience
    Retail businesses spend time, energy and resources to ensure that their staff is trained to be knowledgeable and deliver a great experience to customers who are buying your products. For bill pay customers, using staff members to accept payments is time consuming, which can create a negative experience. Retail self-service kiosks provide walk-in bill payment customers a clear, effortless way to pay their bills, streamlining the process and creating a more positive experience. Self-service BillPay kiosks can also provide multi-lingual options, further improving customer relations.
  • Make your employees more productive
    If your staff isn’t distracted with processing payments, they are free to focus on sales and service. Retail self-service kiosks enable employees to be more productive.

Self-service kiosks are a great tool to help retail companies save time and money while improving the in-store customer experience. As you research and consider a self-service kiosk for your stores, explore Source Technologies retail self-service kiosks and BillPay solution. To learn more or get started, download a product brochure or contact our sales team today.