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With over 30 years of experience providing technology for financial transactions, Source Technologies is your solutions partner. From personal teller machines that enhance your customer experience, to secure check printing, and numerous software applications, our technologies make your business better. More productive. More impactful.

  • Core integrated, self-service kiosks that process 85-95% of teller transactions, including retail bill payment
  • Scalable solutions for secure check printing from remote locations
  • Official check stock to eliminate branch audit requirements and improve accounts payable check automation
  • Chosen secure print solution for top 10 Dealer Management Software providers
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Our Digital Transformation Solutions

Self-Service Kiosks

Source Technologies designs, manufactures, and supports self-service solutions for companies that have a financial component to their business.  If you’re dealing with financial transactions, the solution must be exacting, secure, and extremely reliable.  From our ISO-certified location in Charlotte, North Carolina, we produce the most reliable and flexible solutions on the market.

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MICR Printers

We provide streamlined transactions through end-to-end automation, unmatched protection against check fraud, significant cost reductions, decreased transaction time, and revenue opportunities. Source Technologies customers have found increased security, reduced cost, and a true lift in productivity through the automation of the check payment process.

Secure MICR Printers

MICR Toner

Source Technologies is the only supplier of MICR toner cartridges that develops and manufactures toner cartridges from the ground up. Our cartridges are developed using proprietary formulas and techniques, rather than re-manufacturing a standard cartridge and retrofitting its purpose. Decades of research, development, and testing have been put into our products, resulting in a solution that produces secure MICR documents of the highest quality using blank check stock.


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“Source Tech is willing to work tirelessly with their clients to reach a desired resolution for any challenge.”

Valerie, Regional Bank