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Today’s business landscape is ever-evolving: Consumers expect the convenience of digital transaction options, staff are being asked to do more, and financial regulations make manual check printing riskier than ever. Many solutions to these challenges require costly core integrations or are plagued by other resource constraints – but Source Technologies has a better way. 

Instead, you can work with a partner that gives you fully customized transactional and check printing solutions, including:

  • PTMs that process 85% - 95% of Teller transactions
  • Eliminating official check stock branch audit requirements
  • Accounts Payable check automation utilizing blank check stock
  • Secure check printing from a remote location
Your Business Transformation Partner

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Our Digital Transformation Solutions

Self-Service Kiosks

Improve customer and member experience, team retention, and transactional efficiency with self-service kiosks. Our Personal Teller Machines (PTMs) are core integrated, on-site kiosks that process 90% of typical staff transactions, including printing official checks and money orders, freeing your team to work on more value-added services and tasks.

Self-Service Kiosks

MICR Printers

Print checks with greater peace of mind with on-demand, secure check printing. Source Technologies' MICR printing systems provide streamlined transactions through end-to-end automation, unmatched protection against check fraud, outstanding cost savings, decreased transaction time, and significant audit reduction. Solve your check printing challenges with a single application for payroll, accounts payable, and more.

Secure MICR Printers

MICR Toner

Complete your secure, on-demand check printing systems with the highest quality MICR toner. Our OEM MICR toner cartridges are manufactured to the highest quality and backed by our MICR Guarantee when used with ST MICR printers.  Decades of research, development, and testing have been put into our products, resulting in a solution that produces secure MICR documents of the highest quality using blank check stock.

MICR Toner

Check Printing Software

Our enterprise and cloud-based payment software solutions help execute and manage financial transactions for Fortune 2000 corporations, retail, automotive dealers, financial institutions, government municipalities, and more. Source Technologies is the partner of choice for organizations looking to increase efficiency while maximizing security through our CoreConnect Foundation, CheckPartner Enterprise, and FormsPartner Enterprise software solutions. 

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