9 Transactions Available with the Self-Service Kiosk

As new technologies enter bank branches, self-service kiosks are offering the convenience that consumers are seeking in the branch. Source Technologies offers the Personal Teller Machine, a self-service kiosk  that allows customers to conduct 90% of transactions traditionally handled by a teller.

9 Available Self-Service Kiosk Transactions

Pioneering new innovative self-service kiosk solutions, Source Technologies designed the Personal Teller Machine as the only solution in the market that includes self-service check issuance and on-demand printing capability.
We outline 9 different transactions available through Source Technologies’ self-service kiosk solution:

  1. Withdraw Cash in any denomination
  2. Deposit Cash & Checks
  3. Get Cash Back
  4. Account Transfers
  5. Access & Print Statements
  6. Check Account Balances
  7. Stop Payment
  8. Issue Official Checks
  9. Bill Payment

Source Technologies’ self-service kiosk, the Personal Teller Machine, replaces the need for an in-branch teller to handle routine transactions. Instead, it empowers customers to conduct their own transactions.

Key Benefits of 9 Self-Service Kiosk Transaction Types

Offering these 9 transaction types means your retail bank branch can provide a new level of convenience for your customers. Customers can even pre-stage their transactions by making a request online or via their mobile devices, then stop by your branch to complete the transaction using the Personal Teller Machine.
The Personal Teller Machine self-service kiosk also allows your customers to automate routine transactions, like account transfers and balance checks, while freeing your staff to focus on sales and service. The self-service kiosk not only accepts cash, check, debit, credit and NFC, but it also allows for issuing any and all of these items: cashier’s checks, money orders, starter checks, counter checks, deposit slips.

Source Technologies’ Self Service Kiosk Advantages

Beyond what’s convenient transactionally for your customers, Source Technologies’ self-service kiosk, the Personal Teller Machine, was engineered with retail bank branch convenience in mind. Integrating directly with a bank’s core systems, as opposed to the ATM network, our self-service kiosk solution saves costs while reducing bank staff overhead.
Interested in learning more about how the Personal Teller Machine is a self-service kiosk that can work for your banking location? Contact Source Technologies today!

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