9 Transactions Available with the Self-Service Kiosk

Author: Source Technologies

As new technologies enter bank branches, self-service kiosks are offering the convenience that consumers are seeking in the branch. Source Technologies offers the Personal Teller Machine, a self-service kiosk that allows customers to conduct 90% of transactions traditionally handled by a teller.


What is a Kiosk?

A kiosk is a small, stand-alone booth typically placed in high-traffic areas for business and marketing purposes. There are a variety of different types of kiosks that can offer different industries convenience and marketing benefits. Depending on the type of kiosk, they can be found within shopping malls, banks, busy streets, or even the DMV.

Self-service kiosks help to increase user experience by digitizing or automating normal in-person or manual services. The consumer then has the power to execute these tasks on their own without waiting in line or for a regular employee.


9 Available Self-Service Kiosk Transactions

Pioneering new innovative self-service kiosk solutions, Source Technologies designed the Personal Teller Machine as the only solution in the market that includes self-service check issuance and on-demand printing capability.
We outline 9 different transactions available through Source Technologies’ self-service kiosk solution:

  1. Withdraw Cash in any denomination
  2. Deposit Cash & Checks
  3. Get Cash Back
  4. Account Transfers
  5. Access & Print Statements
  6. Check Account Balances
  7. Stop Payment
  8. Issue Official Checks
  9. Bill Payment

Source Technologies’ self-service kiosk, the Personal Teller Machine, replaces the need for an in-branch teller to handle routine transactions. Instead, it empowers customers to conduct their own transactions. The 9 different transaction capabilities aim to increase customer service and improve the overall experience. Customers can now customize their experience to match their exact needs without ever having to speak to a teller.


Key Benefits of 9 Self-Service Kiosk Transaction Types

Our Personal Teller Machine aims to merge digital experiences with consumer needs. Offering these 9 transaction types means your retail bank branch can provide a new level of convenience for your customers. Customers can even pre-stage their transactions by making a request online or via their mobile devices, then stop by your branch to complete the transaction using the Personal Teller Machine.

The Personal Teller Machine self-service kiosk also allows your customers to automate routine transactions, like account transfers and balance checks, while freeing your staff to focus on sales and service. The self-service kiosk not only accepts cash, check, debit, credit and NFC, but it also allows for issuing any and all of these items: cashier’s checks, money orders, starter checks, counter checks, deposit slips.


Benefits of On-Demand Printing

As mentioned above our Personal Teller Machine self-service kiosk is the only solution in the market that includes self-service check issuance and on-demand printing capability. The CheckPartner Enterprise software that allows you to maintain multiple check “forms” – for money orders, cashier’s checks, counter checks, temporary checks, and starter checks. The Personal Teller Machine is connected to a secure MICR check printer (located behind the teller line or in another secure area) and is pre-loaded with blank check stock. This makes it easy for the customer to issue their own official check transactions while still allowing banks to charge the check printing fee.

On-demand printing can decrease the amount of time it takes to issue official checks or money orders by 75%, as well as eliminate human error by using an automated process. It allows customers to have the power to confirm accuracy while reducing production times for tellers and banks.

Source Technologies’ Self Service Kiosk Advantages

Beyond what’s convenient transactionally for your customers, Source Technologies’ self-service kiosk, the Personal Teller Machine, was engineered with retail bank branch convenience in mind. Integrating directly with a bank’s core systems, as opposed to the ATM network, our self-service kiosk solution saves costs while reducing bank staff overhead.
Interested in learning more about how the Personal Teller Machine is a self-service kiosk that can work for your banking location? Contact Source Technologies today!