Secure Self-Service Kiosk Solutions for Financial Institutions

Author: Source Technologies

A new global standard for self-service kiosks began with the EMV liability shift in early October 2015 for self-service kiosks, ATMs and POS terminals. This shift highlighted potential issues that could lead to fraudulent transactions and has since caused many businesses and banks to increase their focus on security. With the launch of the EMV liability shift, financial institutions began developing the framework needed to protect themselves from fraud liability.

The Personal Teller Machine: A Secure Self-Service Kiosk Solution

As a pioneer in the self-service kiosk industry, Source Technologies engineered the Personal Teller Machine, a secure self-service banking kiosk solution to reduce potential fraud and security concerns in the financial industry. The Personal Teller Machine simplifies the retail banking experience and incorporates security in both the hardware and software. This ensures that financial institutions are able to provide their customers convenient self-service banking options while maintaining high levels of security.

Personal Teller Machine with Secure Hardware

The Personal Teller Machine was designed as a self-service kiosk solution that maximizes security for the user through innovative hardware features. Each self-service kiosk comes standard with the following secure hardware options:

  • Physical Privacy Screen
    The self-service kiosk privacy screen prevents others standing nearby from seeing a customer’s transaction on the Personal Teller Machine screen.
  • Physical and Digital Keys
    To open the kiosk head and base, the Personal Teller Machine requires a physical and digital key to ensure the self-service kiosk remains secure. It also includes sensors to detect unwanted entry by sending alerts to staff and activating the internal camera to take photos of the intruder.
  • Proximity Detectors
    With proximity detectors and sensors, the Personal Teller Machine can detect when someone is approaching the self-service kiosk. It can also detect when someone has left the kiosk without completing a transaction and automatically ends the session within a determined number of seconds (set by the financial institution).

Personal Teller Machine with Secure Software

Source Technologies incorporates secure software in all of its self-service kiosk solutions to provide peace of mind to the financial institution and customers. The Personal Teller Machine provides security and reliability that reduces unwanted risk and fraud, while maximizing the customer experience.

  • EMV Compliant Card Reader
    Keeping financial information secure is a huge focus for institutions of all kinds. With the EMV compliance mandate, the financial institution is now liable for any fraud from non-EMV compliant devices. The Personal Teller Machine is a self-service kiosk solution that provides a hybrid magstripe/EMV card reader.
  • PCI Compliant Pin Pad
    PCI requires all companies that process, store or transmit credit card information to maintain a secure environment and to provide account security throughout the transaction process. With the Personal Teller Machine self-service kiosk, financial institutions meet these PCI standards.
  • Core Platform Integration
    The Personal Teller Machine integrates directly into the financial institutions core platform, exactly like a teller drawer, to provide enhanced security compared to a traditional ATM.

The Personal Teller Machine is Source Technologies’ self-service kiosk solution that provides many security features while simplifying the retail banking experience for customers and financial institutions. To learn more about our secure self-service kiosk, watch the Personal Teller Machine demo, download a brochure or contact our sales team today.