What Personal Teller Machines and Grocery Store Self-Check-Out Have in Common

Author: Source Technologies

Ease of Self-Service Kiosks at Your Grocery Store and at Your Bank

At the grocery store, most of us with a few items in our basket will choose self-check-out. It’s easy, quick and intuitive, and you’re on your way home instead of waiting in a line. But if you have a cart full of groceries, you go to the cashier because you aren’t going to be able to do it any faster, right? Similarly, at your financial institution, when you have 2-3 simple transactions to make, you may choose to use the self-service Personal Teller Machine for the exact same reasons: it’s easy and quick, and you’re not stuck waiting in a line. But if you are a small business customer and have a more complex deposit, such as checks, cash, coin, etc., you will want to see a banker.


Bank Personal Teller Machines Handle 80-90% of Transaction

We live in an increasingly self-service device world today. While ATMs were really the first self-service devices (introduced in 1968), today self-service kiosks includes airport and hotel check-in, self-ordering at restaurants, bill payments and more.


Personal Teller Machines Support the Universal Banker

Personal Teller Machines support the Universal Banker concept in that they equip the customer to handle 80-90% of transactions traditionally handled by a teller. This frees up the Universal Banker to help customers with financial advice, or provide more comprehensive service instead of conducting repetitive transactions.


Future Personal Teller Machines of Today

Source Technologies introduced the Personal Teller Machine to help financial institutions create a customer-centric focus on the user experience, along with reliability and serviceability. To learn about Source Technologies’ Personal Teller Machines, check out our self-service banking kiosk and personal teller machine software.

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