Replacing AvidXchange Create-a-check: Check Printing Solutions from Source Technologies

Source Technologies’ CheckPartner™ Enterprise (CPE) allows users to print MICR checks and other negotiable documents from any location, on-demand, while maintaining centralized control of the process.

Checks can be created manually or by importing data from other sources. CPE is scalable, allowing a virtually unlimited number of item types which makes it the perfect solution for businesses with multiple locations that need to be able to print checks.

CheckPartner Enterprise offers enhanced features versus Create-a-check, including the ability to store check images, research and audit capabilities, customized reporting, as well as indefinite archiving of check data for reprints.

Features include:

  • Automatically import disbursement data from other systems
  • Securely generate custom disbursement items
  • Print, void, reprint, or reissue disbursement items
  • Print output pages at multiple printers
  • Audit disbursement activity using system-generated reports
  • Overflow pages for large remittances
  • Manage user access
  • Manage printers
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