Government Secure Print Solutions

Author: Source Technologies

As the nation’s biggest “company,” the government faces ongoing budget challenges, fraud risk, and the never-ending task of protecting data. Various government agencies still rely heavily on issuing checks for payroll, accounts payable, welfare and social security payments. When these government agencies utilize a secure check printing solution, their costs and security risks are significantly reduced.

Secure Print Solutions Protect Government Agencies

Source Technologies’ check printing solutions combine software and secure MICR printers. Our secure print solution gives government agencies a cost-effective way to print checks and other secure documents on demand with centralized control over the entire process.

Secure Print Solutions for Women, Infant and Children (WIC) Agency

WIC is a government program that provides benefit checks to at-risk mothers and their children so they can purchase food items essential for good nutrition. Our secure document printing solutions make it easier for WIC to deliver these important checks, so that WIC professionals can dedicate time to focus on the quality of care for these mothers and children.

Secure Print Solutions for Vital Records

Government agencies responsible for printing certificates for marriage, divorce, births and deaths face an increased risk of fraud, particularly for identity theft. Source Technologies’ secure document printing software and printers include data encryption to provide the ultimate protection for printing vital records. There is also a significant reduction in cost and time from automating an otherwise manual process.

Benefits of Secure Print Solutions for Government Applications:

  • Request checks (AP, payroll, social security, welfare) on-demand in remote locations with centralized control and visibility
  • Offers complete security – data is encrypted through the entire process with bi-directional confirmation that reinforces security and tracking
  • Fully automate control, reporting, and auditing over your check printing process
  • Eliminate the need for pre-printed stock – reduce the expenses and security issues associated with pre-printed forms
  • Automate manual processes – distribution, issuance, logging, reconciling and auditing
  • Password protected access and functional control by user

To learn more about the secure print solutions Source Technologies has developed for government applications, contact us today!