Zenmonics and Source Technologies Partner to Deliver Full-Service Self-Kiosk Solution

Author: Source Technologies

CHARLOTTE, NC – June 26, 2017 – Source Technologies, a leading provider of integrated solutions for managing financial transactions and other secure business processes, announced that it is partnering with Zenmonics, a leading digital transformation platform provider, to deliver the channelUNITED® self-service kiosk solution.

The partnership pairs Source Technologies’ 8-Series kiosk hardware with Zenmonics’ channelUNITED® platform, making the self-service kiosk solution available to select customers seeking self-service banking technology within their branches and financial advisory centers. channelUNITED®  Kiosk runs on the branch network to handle sales, servicing, origination, and monetary transaction processing through an intuitive and efficient interface. The solution facilitates nearly all transactions historically handled by tellers, including official check issuance and cash dispensing. At just over one square foot, the channelUNITED® Kiosk offers the smallest footprint in self-service banking.

“Financial institutions benefit when implementing innovative delivery/integration methods that meet – and exceed – the demands of their customers,” Riaz Syed, Founder & CEO, Zenmonics. “channelUNITED® provides a unified experience across customer- and employee-facing channels that supports common banking transactions in an efficient manner.”

“Our customers expect secure and innovative solutions that make branch banking more efficient,” said Keith Hamilton, CEO of Source Technologies. “Our partnership with Zenmonics delivers an experience that replicates that of the smartphone for in-branch banking customers. Additionally, the channelUNITED® Kiosk enables financial institutions to better track peak customer times and types of transactions being conducted.”

The channelUNITED® Kiosk gives customers access to customer dashboards and transaction information, allowing bankers to automatically identify customers at the kiosk and efficiently assist them with questions. The self-service kiosk operates within the channelUNITED® enterprise architecture that streamlines and innovates self-service banking channels.


About Zenmonics

Zenmonics is leading digital transformation with channelUNITED®, our customer experience platform. The CXP platform confronts the challenge of your dissociated systems and channels with a pluggable architecture that supports all bank channels on a single platform. channelUNITED® is the only production software platform specifically built to power both self-service and assisted channels on a single, unified technology stack, allowing both customers and associates to engage in seamless sales, servicing, origination, and financial transactions from any access point.


About Source Technologies

Founded in 1986, Charlotte, NC-based Source Technologies is redefining the branch channel by helping banks transform their branches with automation, innovative technology, and superior engineering. The company’s print solutions empower businesses to automate the secure printing of sensitive information and negotiable documents, and its ground-breaking transactional and interactive kiosks for self-service and retail applications enhance the self-service banking experience. Customers include 6 of the Top 10 US banks, 69 of the Fortune 100, and thousands of small and mid-sized companies.  For more information, visit www.sourcetech.com, or follow them on FacebookTwitter, and LinkedIn.