Self-Service Banking Automates On-Demand Check Printing

Author: Source Technologies

Banks are starting to focus more on the customer in ways that answer the call for more personalized and more efficient banking capabilities. Investing in self-service banking is part of branch transformation and automates transactions at on a whole new level. Instead of having to wait in line to speak with a teller about everyday transactions, consumers can take advantage of self-service banking, which supports better in-branch flow and reduced line stress on tellers and service reps.


A MICR & Self-Service Marriage

Bank Customers Can Print Their Own Checks

With the surfacing of self-service kiosk platforms that support heavy traffic use, bank branches are learning just how much they can automate everyday transactions. By utilizing personal teller machines interconnected with MICR printers in the branch, bank customers can print their own official and counter checks. Having this kind of solution accomplishes two main things:

  1. The bank provides customers with more transaction freedom they can control, and
  2. Banks can reduce the time it takes to get an official check from a typical 9 minutes (using the teller) to about 40 seconds (using the personal teller machine)

How it Works:

This self-service official check printing solution simplifies and makes this bank transaction more straightforward. Here’s how it works:

  • The personal teller machine resides in the branch, in an easily accessible location
  • The personal teller machine is connected to a secure MICR check printer (located behind the teller line or in another secure area)
  • The customer selects “Official Check” from the workflow on the personal teller machine (this includes any kind of check with a MICR line the bank would like to offer – cashier’s checks, counter checks, money orders, etc.)
  • The customer enters pay-to, amount, optional note and selects the account where the funds should be drawn
  • An image of the check appears on the screen with all information present for customer to confirm before printing
  • Once the customer confirms, the data is sent to the MICR printer (pre-loaded with blank check stock) and the check is printed complete with static data, variable data, and signatures
  • The personal teller machine instructs the customer to approach the teller line with ID to collect the official check (alternatively, the teller can deliver the check to the customer at the kiosk).

Same Revenue Stream, Less Work for the Bank

This self-service banking solution enables account holders to complete their own official check transactions, and the bank can still charge the check printing fee. This quality revenue stream remains unaffected, keeping fees in place while giving customers the ability to do their own work quickly and easily, benefiting the account holders and the bank.

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