Self-Service Banking: The Branch User Experience

Author: Source Technologies

With the evolution of consumer banking rapidly progressing, consumers not only appreciate, but expect a seamless user experience. Financial institutions that offer self-service banking solutions, such as Source Technologies’ Personal Teller Machine, allow customers to automate routine transactions. Implementing self-service banking kiosks in your branch optimizes your staff’s valuable time, saves your company money and enhances your customers’ overall user experience.


Self-Service Banking Enhances the User Experience

User experience is defined as the overall feeling a person has while using a product or service. Investing in a self-service banking kiosk can improve your customers’ overall experience, while automating routine financial transactions. In the age of smart phones, most users expect to make simple and quick transactions themselves, and it makes sense that users would expect the same simple, quick, high-tech experience with transactions conducted in the branch.  Both the customer and the retail bank employees enjoy many benefits when using the Personal Teller Machine, such as:

  • Touch technology screens and all-metal enclosures to ensure security and long-term reliability
  • Multi-lingual options to improve customer relations and user experience
  • Reduced in-store queues to improve customer service when completing complex transactions
  • Tablet Assist technology to integrate a bank teller’s tablet if assistance is needed to complete a transaction at the self-service banking kiosk


Self-Service Banking Empowers Customers

Today, customers are more independent and empowered than ever before. With self-service banking options, customers have the luxury of conducting transactions in the branch with little or no assistance. The Personal Teller Machine enables financial institutions to configure their screens, buttons and entire user experience to fit their customers’ wants and needs. The self-service banking kiosk provides your customers with an independent and positive user experience for many transactions including:

  • Withdrawing exact cash (user chooses denominations)
  • Depositing checks or cash and receiving cash back
  • Transferring money between accounts
  • Checking account balances or viewing account statements
  • Stopping payments, receiving official checks and more


Self-Service Banking Reduces Workload

With a self-service banking solution such as the Personal Teller Machine, your financial institution can adapt to the needs of your customer, enhance the bank branch user experience, and ultimately, save time and money. Self-service banking kiosks allow bank staff to move freely throughout the branch, assisting and upselling customers, rather than conducting simple, routine transactions.

As a pioneer in the self-service banking industry, Source Technologies offers the Personal Teller Machine to provide financial institutions with a complete retail banking solution that empowers the customer to complete many transactions without assistance from a teller. Check out our video demo or contact us today to learn how a self-service banking solution can change the user experience in your branch.