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Industries That Use Our
Self-Service Solutions

Explore our industry solutions to see how we can be your partner to integrate exciting new applications and efficiencies into your enterprise.

True Self-Service Kiosks


  • Banking
  • Healthcare
  • Telecom
  • College and Universities
  • Casinos
  • DMV automation
  • Retail bill payments
  • Retail ordering
  • Check-In
  • Queuing 
  • Scheduling
  • Wedding registry


  • Cash Accept
  • Cash and Coin dispense
  • Debit, credit, and EMV cards acceptance
  • NFC, Apple Pay, Google Pay
  • Check acceptance
  • Official checks printing
  • Card and ID dispense
  • Receipt printing
  • Document creation
  • Biometric authentication
  • Barcode scanning
  • Digital signage

With flexible hardware configurations and world-class software, we can provide a self-service solution that meets your needs.

Unmatched Capabilities with
CoreConnect Foundation

A Developer’s Dream Platform for Financial Transactions
Core Connect Graphic v2

Source Technologies position as a leading technology provider of true self-service kiosks is due to our software agnostic philosophy. Our software development platform, CoreConnect Foundation, allows our clients to select from endorsed software partners and offer unlimited workflows integrated to their core system and third-party providers.

Our technology and software partners can deliver any financial transaction your client needs, enabling your business to be more customer-centric. We streamline your manual workflows to drive business efficiency and improve client experience.

CoreConnect Foundation provides companies a software development platform with three key features:

  • Programming Platform
  • Device Tester
  • Kiosk Manager
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C Spire Migrates In-Store Payments to Source Technologies Solution

70 retail

kiosks in use

C Spire, started in the 1950s as Cellular South, Inc, is a technology company headquartered in Ridgeland, Mississippi. They are the largest privately held wireless carrier in the entire country, with more than 70 retail locations in Tennessee, Mississippi, and Alabama. Sales and service associates were spending valuable time accepting and processing in-store payments, and they needed a new solution.


Your Trusted Partner

When embarking on your self-service journey, we will be your collaborative partner. We help analyze your requirements, provide fully integrated solutions consistent with your goals, and ensure a successful implementation.

To ensure a successful solution, our subject matter experts will guide you through these key components: 

Software Applications

  • User interface design
  • Bank systems integration
  • Device monitoring

Hardware Selection

  • Kiosk selection and components
  • Digital signage
  • Custom Kiosk Build

Service and Logistics

  • Roll-out and Installation
  • On-going support and on-site maintenance
  • Kiosk monitoring, Statistics, SW update

Kiosk and Software Management

  • Monitoring devices, uptime, errors, software updates, etc.


  • PCI
  • UL
  • ADA

CoreConnect Foundation

  • Provides easy integration to your current systems
  • Includes a Programming platform, Device Tester, and Kiosk Manager

"There were only a couple of players that produced a product that could be used in our retail stores over 10+ years ago. Sourcetech was the obvious choice at the time, and they have proven to be the correct and enduring choice."

- Steve, IT for a National Retailer

Some of Our Kiosk Installations

Self-Service Kiosk Hardware

10 Series PTM Kiosk

Our 10 Series PTM kiosk is the result of extensive feedback from customers and software partners to design and manufacture the best-in-class true self-service device. Paired with software from one of our endorsed providers and integrated with your core or central system, the 10 Series PTM kiosk brings new meaning to convenience-oriented experiences.


9 Series PTM Kiosk

Our 9 Series PTM kiosk core integrated kiosk is the newest personal teller machine (PTM) in our self-service kiosk family. With combined features of both the 10 Series and 8 Series PTM kiosks, a small footprint, and a UL rate day or 24-hour safe, the 9 Series allows institutions to develop a true omnichannel, in-branch modern banking experience. 

8 Series PTM Kiosk

Great things come in small packages. Across industries, the 8 Series PTM kiosk offers the most robust capabilities for its small footprint. This is the self-service kiosk of choice for maximizing space in your retail environment. Great for bill pay, quick serve restaurants, wedding registry, or anywhere space is a premium.

ST Team_CAK_0571 Cool

Your Self-Service Solutions Team

All self-service projects require a full understanding of the various steps and departments that are involved in a successful implementation. Our subject matter experts and project teams are experienced resources for your project. Design, software integration, customer interfaces, advertising, roll outs, and success monitoring are all important aspects of your project the Source Technologies team manages. Your self-service solutions team consists of:

  • Design Engineers
  • Software Engineers
  • Subject Matter Experts
  • Project Managers
  • Manufacturing Team
  • Quality Assurance

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