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10-Series Kiosk

Introducing our newest kiosk

10-Series Kiosk

Our new 10-Series Kiosk is the result of extensive feedback from customers and software partners to design and manufacture the best in class true self-service device. Paired with software from one of our endorsed providers and integrated with your core or central system, the 10-Series kiosk brings new meaning to convenience-oriented experiences.

8-Series Kiosk

Great things come in small packages. Across industries, the 8-Series Kiosk offers the most robust capabilities for its small footprint. This is the self-service kiosk of choice for maximizing space in your retail environment.

8 series countertop kiosk - Source Technologies

8-Series Countertop Kiosk

The 8-Series Countertop Kiosk is a unique device for customers who have limited cash handling requirements. This kiosk is ideal for customer queuing applications and supports credit, debit, check, and NFC payments.


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