How the Personal Teller Machine Fits into the Omni-Channel Strategy

Author: Source Technologies

The Need for the Personal Teller Machine

There are 5 ways that customers interact with their financial institutions: online, mobile, ATM, call center, and branch. As users have flocked to online and mobile, financial institutions have poured money and resources to get the digital experience right, leaving branches to run as they have for 30 years. This is mostly accounted for with the advancements of online banking capabilities and customer preference. However, customers do want a branch nearby when they need it, which may only be a few times a year. Even so, it’s important to make sure that when they come, they are helped as quickly and efficiently as possible. If a customer is forced to wait for a long time and their need isn’t addressed appropriately, a bad branch experience can easily turn into a lost customer. Enter the Personal Teller Machine.


About the Personal Teller Machine

The Personal Teller Machine is a self-service banking kiosk that takes up only one square foot of space in your branch, but transforms the entire branch experience without construction or retrofitting. Your customers will love having the option of using the Personal Teller Machine to conduct 90% of the transactions that previously required them to wait in line for a teller.

Support for Personal Teller Machine customers is provided using tablet assist, which allows in-person assistance when a customer needs it at the banking kiosk. Transactions that can be done at the self-service kiosk include:

  • Withdraw cash
  • Withdraw exact cash (customer chooses denominations)
  • Deposit check, cash, cash back
  • Account transfer
  • Statements
  • Account Balance
  • Stop Payment
  • Official Check
  • Bill Payment (cash, check, debit, credit, NFC)
  • Receipt printing, email, text

By offering your customers the option of a Personal Teller Machine, you can free up more of your staff’s time to help those who have more complex transactions and issues, or customers who just prefer to be helped in person. You’ve already transformed your online and mobile presence. Now it’s time to transform your branch experience to provide world-class customer service. Contact us to learn more about how Source Technologies Personal Teller Machine can transform your branch.