Top 5 Benefits of Secure Print Solutions

Author: Source Technologies

Believe it or not, there are thousands of financial institutions in North America that still issue official checks using pre-printed checks, a dot matrix printer and sometimes even a typewriter. This manual process is expensive, risky and time consuming.

Our secure print solutions, using our MICR technology, automate the check issuance process and typically present a solid ROI of less than 12 months. Here are the top 5 benefits of a secure MICR check printing solution:

Check Printing Software Eliminates the Need for Pre-Printed Checks:

Secure MICR check printing software prints all static data and variable data on blank check stock in a single printer pass. This secure print solution means no more expense associated with purchasing, storing, distributing and tracking pre-printed checks. The savings from paper costs alone often exceed 80%.

Secure Print Solutions Reduce the Risk of Official Check Fraud:

Fifteen distinct security features built into our MICR printers fight a variety of check fraud schemes. Plus, with the elimination of pre-printed checks, the secure print solution prevents the theft of what are effectively blank checks.

Check Printing Software Eliminates Manual Errors:

When manual processes are replaced with automation using check printing software, the potential for human error is significantly reduced. “MICR toner detection” ensures the right toner is in the printer when the check is printed. “Set copies to 1” and “Jam recovery OFF” are two settings that ensure only one copy of each check is printed.

Check Printing Software Decreases Time Spent Issuing an Official Check:

The process of issuing checks in the branch is typically a painful process for everyone involved because of the amount of time it takes. Check printing solutions replace this manual process that includes pre-printed checks and a dot-matrix printer or typewriter which can take 10 minutes or more. With a secure MICR solution, the time is reduced to 2 minutes or less, because the check is printed on-demand.

Secure Print Solutions Record Check Data Automatically

When a check is sent to the secure MICR printer to be printed, the static data, variable data and MICR line are all printed at once in a single printer pass. With our secure print solutions, the issuance data is simultaneously captured electronically and automatically sent to the appropriate back office systems. No more manual reconciliation.

To learn more about how secure print solutions like our MICR check printing software can revolutionize your business, contact Source Technologies today!