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Are you still disbursing checks and secure documents manually? We have a better way. Our secure MICR check printing solutions deliver tremendous value for issuing paper checks. We provide streamlined transactions through end-to-end automation, unmatched protection against check fraud, significant cost reductions, decreased transaction time, and revenue opportunities. Source Technologies customers have found increased security, reduced cost, and a true lift in productivity through the automation of the check payment process. 

Remote Check Printing: Best Practice in Mortgage Closings

Get your free whitepaper for financial institutions, providing you with a deeper understanding of how MICR check printing solutions can improve the check issuance process for real estate closings and other remote printing applications.
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Our MICR Guarantee

Source Technologies engineered MICR solutions to meet or exceed ANSI bank readability standards. We are so confident in our technology, we back our solutions with a three-year guarantee. If any MICR reject rate problems arise, we will help resolve them. If we are unable to resolve the issues, we will reimburse you for bank fees related to rejects, provided Source Technologies was notified of the problem, and we verify Source Technologies’ MICR printers or materials caused the bank fees.


Southeast Bank Saves Time and Money by Automating Check Issuance


402% increase
in fee dollars

The bank was utilizing a manual process to issue official checks and money orders. Each day, a teller in every branch would manually log pre-printed checks in and out of the vault. Before a check could be issued to a bank customer, the teller would call a regional supervisor on the phone to request approval while the customer waited.


Our Partnerships & Integrations

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For nearly 30 years, Source Technologies has partnered with Lexmark International, Inc. as their Exclusive Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) provider of MICR Printers and toner cartridges co-engineered by Source Technologies and Lexmark.

Source Technologies printers and software integrate with hundreds of accounting and banking software solutions. Below is a list of the most commonly used integrations. Call us today to learn how we can help your company.

  • SAGE
  • JD Edwards
  • SAP
  • Quickbooks
  • Microsoft Dynamics
  • NetSuite
  • CMiC
  • Harland
  • Lawson
  • Great Plains
  • Viewpoint


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