Source Technologies Introduces the New ST9817 Secure MICR Printer

Author: Source Technologies

New ST9817 to Replace the ST9815 

CHARLOTTE, N.C., January 18, 2021 - Source Technologies, a world-class provider of secure document printing solutions, announced the launch of its new ST9817 Secure MICR Printer, which replaces the ST9815 printer. The ST9817 printer is ideal for banking and financial, healthcare, staffing, accounting, back office, government, mortgage, and other secure printing and MICR printing applications.

“Source Technologies is pleased to announce that we are upgrading our MICR product line. The ST9817 will replace the ST9815. While it has the same footprint and functionality as the ST9815 it has been upgraded with an enhanced LED display and has a faster print time to first page,” said Keith Hamilton, CRO, of Source Technologies. “The ST9817 uses the same toner, accessories and is at the same price point as the ST9815. Source Technologies will continue to support the ST9815, however, we will upgrade to the ST9817 effective immediately.”  

The updated ST9817 printer offers excellent performance and security features. With a print speed of up to 38 ppm, a dual-core, 1.0 GHz processor, and integrated duplex printing, the ST9817 provides exceptional value for environments that print up to 6,000 documents per month.

The ST9817 secure printer combines high-quality printing and robust security in a space-saving, budget-friendly form. It features a new 2.4-inch color LCD operator’s display panel and a time-to-first-page as fast as 6 seconds.

With the combination of entry-level pricing along with its small footprint, the ST9817 printer is the ultimate workgroup secure MICR printer. With our MICR Guarantee, any organization can be confident that their sensitive documents are being securely processed and printed and the ST9817 printer makes a well-thought-out addition to any company.

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