Personal Teller Machine: A Self-Service Banking Kiosk Solution

The Personal Teller Machine allows your customers to conduct 90% of the transactions traditionally handled by a teller. It’s a complete self-service banking kiosk solution engineered specifically for retail banking transactions because it integrates directly with the core platform. At just over 1 sq. ft., the Personal Teller Machine has the smallest footprint in the self-service banking kiosk industry and can be placed anywhere in the branch - no construction required.

As pioneers in self-service kiosk solutions, Source Technologies delivers the Personal Teller Machine as the next-generation solution to empower our banking customers. It’s the self-service banking kiosk that allows consumers to decide how they want to bank.

Tablet Assist

Tablet Assist allows you to provide in-person assistance when a customer needs help using the Personal Teller Machine. A banking kiosk customer can select an “Assistance Needed” button on touch screen kiosk and a member of staff is alerted via tablet to provide assistance or step in and take over the transaction.

Pre-Staged Transactions

Pre-staged transactions bridge the gap between your digital and branch channels. Customers can use mobile or online banking to request a transaction and then complete it at the Personal Teller Machine service banking kiosk in your branch.

Self-Service Banking Kiosk Transaction Examples:

  • Withdraw Cash
  • Withdraw Exact Cash (Customer Chooses Denominations)
  • Deposit Check, Cash, Cash Back
  • Account Transfer
  • Statements
  • Account Balance
  • Stop Payment
  • Official Check
  • Bill Payment (Cash, Check, Debit, Credit, NFC)
  • Receipt Printing, Email, Text

8-Series Kiosk Specifications

Personal Teller Machine Software Specifications

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