Self-Service Kiosks from Source Technologies

Our award-winning self-service kiosks are sleek, lightweight devices that offer an array of components for custom configurations and PCI-compliant software to protect customer data. With a footprint at just over 1 square foot, this machine takes up very little space. A critical facet for retail and banking kiosk applications, these self-service kiosks provide the small footprint these environments demand.


6-Series Kiosk

Source Technologies is delighted to bring you the most innovative, high-tech transactional self-service kiosk design available in the market for retail and banking kiosk uses.

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8-Series Kiosk

Our 8-Series kiosk offers expanded cash handling while boasting the same small transactional kiosk footprint in the marketplace for retail and banking kiosk applications.

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8-Series Countertop Kiosk

The 8-Series Countertop kiosk delivers self-service capability to integrate with third party cash recyclers. It is also ideal for retail or banking kiosk applications where no cash handling is required.

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BillPay Solution

Self-Service BillPay and the integrated BillPay software is a complete solution engineered specifically for companies that want to offer self-service bill payment in-store.

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BillPay Software

Our BillPay software application is built on a configurable software platform for the design, development, testing and maintenance of self-service applications.

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Personal Teller Machine - Solution

Our Personal Teller Machine is a self-service kiosk solution that enables consumers to conduct transactions in the branch. This self-service solution is configurable for any financial institution and is the only available solution that offers self-service official check issuance.

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Personal Teller Machine - Software

Eliminate additional ATM fees via self-service kiosk software that integrates with the core platform. A comprehensive, fully configurable self-service solution, this software platform supports customer transactions traditionally handled by tellers, freeing employees to focus on sales.

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