Toner Cartridges and Other Items

  1. The customer has one year from the date of purchase to notify Source Technologies of a defective toner cartridge/item.
  2. To return a defective item, customer must fill out the Return Material for Credit (RMC) Request Form.
    Download the RMC Form

    • If customer purchased the product through a reseller/distributor, customer should contact the reseller/distributor.  Reseller/distributor will fill out the RMC Request Form for a Return Material for Credit (RMC), if warranted.
    • Customer Service will determine if the toner/item warrants an RMC to be issued.
    • If RMC is warranted, an RMC will be issued.
  3. RMC will be processed and emailed to customer within 24 business hours.
  4. The RMC gives specific instructions on how to return the toner cartridge. The customer is responsible for returning the toner cartridge to Source Technologies in the original packaging. Source Technologies is not responsible for any items that are not shipped in the original packaging material or that are damaged or lost in transit. If damaged, customer may be responsible for parts and will be billed for them. If lost, customer will be responsible for the missing item.
  5. Source Technologies will pay for the return of toner cartridge/ item only if it has been deemed an order entry error or defective.
  6. If the customer uses the return label inside the toner cartridge box, no credit will be issued. This label states it is for empty toner cartridges and the cartridges go to a recycling center. Source Technologies cannot retrieve cartridges from the recycling center.
  7. Source Technologies will provide a replacement if the customer chooses. The customer will be charged for replacements, however once the original is returned, a credit will be issued ONLY if warranted and deemed as defective.
  8. If a product is returned due to defect and after testing no defect is found, the customer can either take the product back or be charged a 15% restocking fee.
  9. Not all items will receive a credit.
  10. If you have questions about returning an item for credit, please contact customer service at
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