MICR Printer Configurations

Secure & Custom

Secure MICR
This is the one we’re known for. Our most popular configuration, the secure MICR printer contains our most comprehensive level of security made accessible through a Downloadable Emulation Card (DLE) installed in the printer. These printers feature proprietary MICR fonts designed by Source Technologies and optimized for use with our printers. The Secure MICR printer supports ST’s OEM MICR toner as well as Lexmark’s OEM mono (non-MICR) toner. When the security features have been activated, these MICR printers have the intelligence to alert users to swap toners when it sees a MICR print job but has non-MICR toner loaded.

These printers ship from ST with our OEM MICR toner already installed. This configuration is ideal for customers who need to immediately begin printing MICR documents once the printer is installed.

Secure MICR Prepped
The Secure MICR Prepped configuration is identical to Secure MICR with one exception: it ships with Lexmark OEM mono toner as opposed to ST OEM MICR toner. Like Secure MICR, the Secure MICR Prepped configuration has a DLE installed that contains the full security suite and supports both MICR and mono toner along with the intelligence to understand the difference. It is ideal for customers who want the MICR functionality and security but who will likely be printing with mono toner when the printer is installed.

Standard MICR
The Standard MICR printer does not have a DLE installed. Although there are important quality assurance features, this configuration has limited security functionality, for example it does not have the ability to stop a MICR print job from being printed with non-MICR toner. The Standard MICR configuration only supports ST OEM MICR toner. This one is intended for customers who have placed their MICR printer in a completely secure physical and data environment and therefore do not value the additional protection of the Secure MICR configuration. This printer is likely a dedicated MICR-document printer.

Secure Document
The Secure Document printer offers the full security suite contained in the DLE. This configuration is for those customers who require security, but not for printing MICR documents. The Secure Document printer does not support ST OEM MICR toner, and ships from the factory with Lexmark OEM mono toner.

Custom Configurations
Source Technologies has enjoyed years of experience leading the MICR and secure document printing industry, so we’re pretty confident that we’ve built the printer configuration perfectly suited for your needs. However, there are times when customers’ needs fall outside the realm of our current offerings. As an engineering-driven company, we thrive on developing solutions for these challenges. Please let us know if you need something beyond the configurations we currently offer. Chances are good that we can help.