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  1. If a customer thinks that they received a defective or out-of-box failure product, we provide the following guidance for fast remedy:
  2. Customer must fill out the Return Material for Credit (RMC) Request Form.Download the RMC Form
    1. If customer purchased the product through a reseller/distributor, customer should contact the reseller/distributor so that the reseller/distributor can facilitate filling out the RMC form, if warranted.
    2. Tech Support will troubleshoot the problem and if repair or service is required, Customer Service will process the return.
    3. If the equipment is defective, an RMC will be processed.
    4. Customer has 60 days from the day the equipment was purchased to be considered out-of-box failure. This includes items that are stored in warehouses for roll outs or new facility openings.
    5. The page count on a printer must not be over 60 pages to receive credit.
    6. Customer Service may request a printer menu page count.
  3. Source Technologies will repair the hardware under the warranty. If the repairs do not fall under the warranty, it will become a billable repair.
    1. If under a Next Business Day contract, Tech Support will issue a service call to send a technician to repair. The contract service provider will repair or replace printer.
    2. Under the billable repair, an estimate will be provided to the customer by Tech Support. The customer will then have the opportunity to pay for the repair at a price of $195.00 per hour or request that the printer is returned unrepaired.
    3. If customer chooses to pay, a PO number or a credit card can be provided at that time.
    4. If customer opts to have the printer returned unrepaired, a $95.00 inspection fee will be charged in addition to freight.

    Download the RMC Form

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