Personal Teller Machine Software

ServPoint™ Teller is the software application for our Personal Teller Machine, built on a configurable platform designed to interact with a bank's core systems. ServPoint Teller avoids the ATM network for retail banking transactions, so the financial institution avoids additional ATM fees.

Fully configurable for the specific transactions you want to offer on the kiosk, ServPoint Teller is customizable so your brand is well represented throughout every transaction.

Among the baseline transactions listed below is the first offering in the industry for on-demand official check printing as part of a larger teller automation solution.

Baseline transactions:

  • Withdraw cash (fast or exact)
  • Deposit cash and checks
  • Split deposit between accounts
  • Transfer between accounts
  • Loan Payment
  • View account detail/Statement printing
  • Official check withdrawal
  • Update customer information
  • Loan advance
  • Multiple receipt options - print,email,text

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Ideal Applications

Product Specifications

Application/Content Runs full-screen in a secure non-explorer shell
Configurable touch sequence and various secure methods to access configuration/shutdown features
Restricted Windows user profile
Data Data transmitted using customer-mandated standard security protocols (e.g. SSL HTTP posts; encrypted XML)
Optional non-customer, transaction-specific data stored on kiosk using SQL (Express database with data encryption)
Anti-Virus Anti-virus application provided by client/customer; installed and incorporated as part of base kiosk image
System Reporting and Monitoring Uses Simple-Network-Management-Protocol (SNMP) system (e.g. HP Open-View, IBM NetView) to monitor health and status of kiosks and devices
Provides real-time status to centralized database as standard Management Information Base (MIB)
System Updates Microsoft Installer (MSI) available for each kiosk component (client, content, SPIs)
MSI files packaged and delivered (by client) using established client protocols and selected applications (e.g. WSUS)
Extensions for Financial Services Manager (XFS) Industry-standard Service Providers for all the peripherals
Device Abstraction Layer Kiosk application and XFS Manager middleware/facilitator
Kiosk Client Kiosk applications, kiosk devices, host business systems and external data real-time controller
Content HTML, JavaScript web pages delivered from central server via Internet Information Systems (IIS) or web pages installed locally on the kiosk
Localization “Language Helper” utility extracts content from HTML pages and allows for support of multiple languages
Services Coordinates the actions of users, applications and devices in a threaded, real-time manner
External Services Service (ESS) Provides communication and integration with client back-end systems for access to external data
Multiple back-end systems can be supported in the same application. All industry standard application integration methods supported.
State Machine Monitor (SSM) Uses the data provided by the ESS to navigate the customer through the transaction

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