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True Self-Service Kiosks


  • Retail bill payments
  • Telecom solutions
  • Bank self-service
  • DMV automation
  • Healthcare
  • College stations
  • Casinos
  • QSR orders
  • Retail ordering
  • Wedding registry
  • 24-hour security


  • Cash In/Cash Out
  • Coin dispense
  • All Cards: debit, credit, EMV, NFC,
    ApplePay, Samsung Pay
  • Check acceptance
  • Official checks/money orders
  • Card and ID dispense
  • Receipt printing
  • Ticket printing
  • Document creation
  • Bio metric authentication
  • Barcode reader
  • Digital signage

With hundreds of software configurations and customizations, we can provide a self-service solution that meets your needs.

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Why Sourcetech? Our
CoreConnect™ Foundation

A Developer’s Dream Platform for Financial Transactions
ST_CoreConnectGraphicEDIT-04 (1)

Our CoreConnect™ Foundation is a development platform that connects our hardware to your software. This platform provides true self-service solutions that integrate directly to your core system and third-party providers.

CoreConnect™ Foundation provides three key features:

Programming Platform simplifies application integration to our complex cash recyclers, card readers, check scanners, ID scanners, and other devices. Our platform provides .NET libraries and XFS protocols to simplify your integration efforts.

Device Tester allows programmers to quickly debug a program and perform root cause analysis. 

Kiosk Manager provides all the information to manage your self-service devices after deployment.

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C Spire Migrates In-Store Payments to Source Technologies Solution

70 retail

kiosks in use

C Spire, started in the 1950s as Cellular South, Inc, is a technology company headquartered in Ridgeland, Mississippi. They are the largest privately held wireless carrier in the entire country, with more than 70 retail locations in Tennessee, Mississippi, and Alabama. Sales and service associates were spending valuable time accepting and processing in-store payments, and they needed a new solution.


“Sourcetech’s support is excellent, transparent, and easy to work with. Sourcetech provided a very technological solution that was amazing and… will keep us devoted to Sourcetech as a provider.”

- Heather, IT Department

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