Secure Document MICR Printing Software


Nobody knows how to manage secure printing like we do.

Whether it’s medical records, prescriptions, ID cards, licenses or checks, we wrote our MICR software programs with one specific goal in mind: to give you way to access an electronic form, merge it with variable data, and send it to a printer. A simple concept, but when you peel back the layers, there are a lot of ways our customers approach the process of using MICR printing software for their secure documents.

Your company may need something large and scalable, with many users (thousands, even!). Or you may need something simple that you want to use at a single location. Or something in between. The point is, we have a range of solutions to fit your secure printing needs.

Source Technologies’ MICR Printing Software Solutions

Our MICR software solutions counter the typical problems associated with printing secure documents using a manual process:

  • Pre-printed forms are expensive to purchase, store, distribute and track. 
  • Manual processes introduce human error and the risk of fraud leading to additional time spent on researching, reconciling, and auditing functions.
  • Multiple disbursement systems result in no central visibility or control over payment processes.

If you are trusting one of your most critical business processes to a manual operation, you are spending and risking much more than you need to be. We have the secure document and MICR printing software solutions to minimize these issues. Contact us today to learn more!

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