Our Security Features that Prevent Check Fraud

According to the Association of Financial Professionals (AFP), checks remain the payment type most vulnerable to fraud attacks:

“While the exciting and glamorous fraud topics today involve wire fraud, account takeovers, ID theft and skimming, the results of (the AFP’s) annual corporate fraud survey remind us that the most fraud vulnerable instrument available today is the paper check” - Atlanta Federal Reserve

To ensure security when printing checks in order to prevent check fraud, Source Technologies offers MICR secure printing solutions to reduce risk, save time, and ultimately, to save you money.

Sources of Check Fraud

Pre-printed check stock
MICR Solution blank checks (on-demand)

Check Stock Pilfering: pre-printed check stock is stolen



Forged signatures – usually involve the use of legitimate blank checks. False imitation of the payor signature on the signature line.



Altered checks – valid check stock with certain fields changed.



Counterfeit checks- exact imitations of genuine checks are created using color copiers, desktop publishing software, graphics software, etc.



Check Duplication: more than one copy of the same check is created.




How Do We Prevent Check Fraud?

By engineering distinct security features at the printer level:

Secure MICR Feature


How it protects you

Password Protection

No access to check-printing resources (stored signatures, MICR fonts, form overlays) without the proper password.

Prevents unauthorized access to MICR and Secure fonts, user-specific signatures.

Front Panel Security Lock

Additional security beyond password protection. User must enter an 8-digit combination prior to printing.

Additional layer of security at the document level. Minimizes the risk of fraud.

DES Encryption/Decryption

Decrypts the print data stream, protecting it while it is being transmitted to the printer.

One of the highest levels of security available – the printer decrypts the code prior to printing.

Set Copies to one (1)

A PCL setting that tells the printer to print the job only once.

Prevents fraud by disallowing the printing of multiple copies of a document.

Auto Jam Recovery Disable

Automatically turns Jam Recovery OFF when checks are being printed.

Prevents multiple copies of a check from being printed.

Datastream Tray Protection

Limits the ability of non-MICR jobs to print from specified trays.

Protects the check stock from being used for regular office document printing. Mitigates waste.

Tray Locking

Key lock on printer and expansion drawers.

Prevents fraud by keeping check stock safe and prevents check paper waste.

Audit Trail

Creates user-defined reports of check printing activity for auditing purposes.

Gives user a written record of check printing activity.


Allows fine tuning of the position of the MICR line.

Accounts for minor variations between printers. Prevents bank rejection of checks.

E13B Font

Widely accepted MICR font used in printing MICR encoded documents in the US, Canada, Mexico, the Far-East and some other countries.

Meets ASC X9B/US specification for MICR font and necessary to process checks through the system.

CMC7 Font

Alternative MICR font used to print MICR encoded documents in many European and most Latin American countries. Numeric character set only.

Meets International standards (ISO) 1004.

Secure Numeric Font

Unique font designed by Source Technologies – very difficult to alter because of a special background and very small text & numeric print embedded in the amount line of the check.

Additional layer of security at the document level. Minimizes the risk of fraud.

Microprint Font

Extremely small type font allows one to embed micro text and numbers inside lines of print on the MICR document. Denoted by the letters “MP.”

Additional layer of security at the document level. Minimizes the risk of fraud.

ICR Numeric Font

Image readable secure font designed to be read by imaging equipment utilized by many financial institutions.

Additional layer of security at the document level. Minimizes the risk of fraud.

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