5 Ways a MICR Solution Improves Printing Payroll Checks

At Source Technologies, we developed CheckPartner Enterprise software and combined it with our secure MICR check printers to create our secure accounts payable and payroll check software solution. With our secure, cost-efficient software, printing payroll checks for your company will be faster and easier as you enjoy these 5 MICR solution features:

Print-On-Demand at Any Location with Our Payroll Check Software

The combination of our software and hardware creates a secure, cost-effective method for printing payroll checks. Your team can print checks on-demand in remote locations without sacrificing security or control over the process.

Centrally-Located Activity Monitoring for Printing Payroll Checks

With our payroll check software, your team can monitor activities during the check issuing process at remote offices from one central location. Using a browser to access CheckPartner Enterprise, your local staff can print accounts payable and payroll checks in real-time.

Automated Reporting with Advanced Payroll Check Software

Since our secure MICR printers communicate in real-time to CheckPartner Enterprise, you always know the status of your disbursements. Complete transaction visibility, electronic auditing, and full reporting make printing payroll checks easier with software that is both robust and easy to use.

Eliminate the Risk of Fraud for Printing Payroll Checks

With our payroll check software, your data is encrypted through the entire process: from the central location to the remote PC and all the way to the secure MICR printer, where printing payroll checks can happen quickly with a single printer pass. This level of security virtually eliminates the risk of check fraud associated with purchasing, handling, storing and securing pre-printed checks.

Payroll Check Software Cuts Costs & Saves Time

Using our payroll check software solution, your team gains cost and time efficiencies. Because of the on-demand, remote printing capabilities, the need for expensive pre-printed checks – and the manual process of printing payroll checks on pre-printed checks – is completely eliminated.

When it comes to printing payroll checks and accounts payable checks, our check printing software solution offers the most security available today. Contact us to learn more!

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