How do secure MICR printers and OEM MICR toner save my company money?

A complete MICR printing solution utilizing Source Technologies secure MICR printers and MICR toner can virtually eliminate the expenses associated with purchasing, storing, distributing and tracking pre-printed check stock. A laser MICR printer solution utilizes blank check stock, offering immediate, significant savings on paper costs alone.
For every $100 spent on pre-printed check stock, an organization wastes approximately $15 and spends an additional $18 to distribute documents once printed. So that $100 worth of check stock really costs $133.

The same amount of BLANK check stock will cost just $22 with no waste and approximately $2 in distribution, for a savings of 82% on check stock.

In addition, secure MICR printer solutions from Source Technologies virtually eradicate the risk of official check fraud – and its associated $17,100 loss per successful attempt – as well as alleviate costs associated with maintenance on outdated equipment such as dot matrix printers. Our secure MICR printing solutions significantly reduce voids, missing checks and paid-unadvised charges.

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