What is MICR?

Magnetic ink character recognition code, known in short as MICR, is a character recognition technology used mainly by the banking industry to streamline the processing and clearance of checks and other documents through the FEDERAL RESERVE BANKS.

MICR check printing solutions adhere to the ANSI X.9 document preparation standards that governs the quality of the printed check document for accuracy in the reading and sorting clearance process.

The Quality of the MICR Line

The MICR line on checks have what are known as MICR Characters, which must be printed with MICR toner or MICR ink. The combination of toner and fonts together is what create a quality, machine readable MICR line.

MICR Toner

MICR toner contains iron oxide which adds the magnetic properties to each character, enabling high-speed check clearing through high-capacity reader-sorter machines.

MICR Fonts

MICR fonts are the characters that appear at the bottom of checks or financial documents. There are two different fonts, E-13B or CMC-7, which are used depending on the banking standards of a country. The e-13B MICR font is the banking standard for the United States.

The E13-B font looks like this:

MICR printer font
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