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“Despite declining traffic, retail bank branches are still the #1driver of market share.”

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The retail banking industry is a decade or more into their ‘branch of the future’ digital transformation era. This has been a distinct era of disruption for an industry that has operated for centuries in a retail brick and mortar model, serving their customers person-to-person. The era has been marked as a tumultuous time for many banks and credit union leaders, as many continue to be challenged to invest in optimum delivery channels for reaching a now mature digital consumer.

Throughout these disruptive industry changes, the retail branch continues to have staying power!

Our in-branch self-service kiosks are designed to deliver a modern, delightful client experience, as well as provide an effective solution for hard-to-solve operational issues that retail financial institutions face in the modern digital era:

  • Teller turn-over
  • Continual new Teller training
  • Staffing for peak hours
  • Staffing for low traffic
  • Optimizing branch operational costs through modern, digital delivery

Not all in-branch self-service kiosks can deliver in this way … read on to learn more about how we can do this for your retail branch!


Credit Unions


Credit Unions

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