Mid-Sized Bank Chose MICR Printers for a $1 Million Revenue Benefit

01. Background

About the Bank

This customer is a well-established financial institution based in the western United States which serves households and businesses through hundreds of branches.

02. Challenges

What We Found

Rapid growth through acquisition created challenges for the bank. The newly acquired branches had their own unique brand and teller program. The bank wanted to transition to a standardized secure printing solution while allowing branches to retain their individual brand identity. They needed a system that would enable tellers to enter check requests into their specific program and would also provide centralized control and visibility over the check printing process.

03. Solution

Source Technologies’ Secure Printing Solution

In 2005, FormsPartner, our legacy e-forms product, was installed on a central server with a MICR printer securely integrated into each branch but by 2011, the bank needed to add deposit tickets, counter checks, and starter checks to the services they offered. They migrated to CheckPartner™ Enterprise (CPE), our server-based software platform that gives the individual the ability to print checks on-demand from any data source using a MICR printer, while giving the bank centralized approval and control of the process. The bank chose Source Technologies’ MICR printers as their secure printing solution because it:

  • Enabled each branch to print checks, on-demand, using variable data including logos, addresses and routing numbers.
  • Integrated quickly and easily into their teller platform and increased the accuracy of routing numbers and other check information.
  • Increased security and prevented vulnerability to official check fraud.

Adding the counter check application to CPE rather than utilizing pre-printed documents afforded the bank an opportunity to “personalize” counter checks for a fee, creating a new revenue stream for the bank while eliminating the burden of pre-printed checks. The bank realized a savings and revenue benefit of more than $1,000,000 annually with Source Technologies’ secure printing solution.

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