Bank of Hawaii Reduced Their Security Risk and Saved Money


01. Background

About the Bank

With branches located throughout the Pacific and assets totaling more than $9.6 billion, Bank of Hawaii is the largest independent financial institution in in the region. Founded in 1897, the bank serves businesses, consumers, and government agencies in Hawaii, American Samoa, Guam, and the Micronesian Islands.

02. Challenges

What We Found

Bank of Hawaii was printing checks and negotiable documents only in select branches. The banks then mailed the checks to other branches across the islands. The process was slow, costly and posed a huge security risk with the transfer of live, preprinted checks. Bank of Hawaii needed a secure printing solution that would address their security risk and also integrate with their existing teller system.

03. Solution

Source Technologies’ Secure Printing Solution

Bank of Hawaii installed Source Technologies’ secure, MICR check printers in 250 branches. Each of the bank’s branches can now print cashier’s checks, starter checks, money orders, signature cards, and other MICR documents on-demand with secure MICR printers. With its new distributed secure printing solution in place, Bank of Hawaii now issues checks and other negotiable documents on-location and on demand while reducing costs and increasing security.

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