Auto Insurer Installed a Secure MICR Printer Solution


01. Background

About the company

Our customer is a Fortune 500 insurance company specializing in auto insurance with 120 drive-in auto claim centers across the country.

02. Challenges

What We Found

The company was searching for updated MICR check printing technology to use in their central location and each of their remote claims centers. They had been using a dot-matrix printer to print variable data onto pre-printed check stock. This process was both expensive to maintain and unsecure because pre-printed check stock poses a high risk of check fraud and must be continually monitored. The company was searching for a secure printing solution that would fit into their current process without any additional data entry or security upgrades.

03. Solution

Source Technologies’ Secure Printing Solution

Source Technologies recommended and installed a secure printing solution designed to meet all of the customer’s business requirements, including centralized and on-demand MICR check printing and seamless integration into the existing mainframe connection. The solution not only met current security standards, it enhanced them by allowing the company to eliminate pre-printed check stock and by generating bi-directional confirmation of check printing in real time. Source Technologies’ MICR printers also delivered exceptional output quality and performance for the company’s standard document printing.

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