With New Banking Kiosk, Source Tech Offers Financial Institutions More Self-Service Flexibility

Author: Source Technologies

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Nov. 7, 2016 –Source Technologies, a leading provider of integrated solutions for managing financial transactions and other secure business processes, continues to drive innovation in self-service kiosk technology with the introduction of its 8-Series Countertop Kiosk.

The 8-Series Countertop Kiosk is equipped to handle a wide array of organizational needs, such as reducing waiting times through automatic queuing or handling banking transactions traditionally performed by tellers. For institutions that have already invested in cash recyclers, this countertop banking kiosk helps to maximize that investment as it easily integrates with 3rd party cash handling devices.

Utilizing state-of-the-art banking kiosk technology, the 8-Series Countertop Kiosk features projective capacitance touchscreen technology pioneered by Apple, which replicates the user experience found in smartphones. It offers a small footprint, only weighting 87lbs, and can be easily placed throughout any institution. The self-service kiosk arrives ready for installation and offers the latest Intel-based single board computing system and barcode imaging technology. Such applications improve customer relations while decreasing operational costs.

“Customers have come to rely on the convenience of self-service kiosk technology, whether at their local grocery store or within their local bank branch,” said Keith Hamilton, CEO of Source Technologies. “Our 8-Series Countertop Kiosk brings these experiences into a wealth of institutions, allowing them to streamline their processes. Whether its traditional teller transactions or customer queuing, our 8-Series Countertop Banking Kiosk is designed to customize to the need of the particular institution."

To learn more about the 8-Series Countertop Kiosk and how it is redefining the self-service kiosk experience, please visit sourcetech.com.


About Source Technologies

Founded in 1986, Charlotte, NC-based Source Technologies is redefining the branch channel by helping banks transform their branches with automation, innovative technology and superior engineering. The company’s print solutions empower businesses to automate the secure printing of sensitive information and negotiable documents, and its ground-breaking transactional and interactive kiosks for self-service and retail applications enhance the self-service experience. Customers include 6 of the Top 10 US banks, 69 of the Fortune 100, and thousands of small and mid-sized companies. For more information, visit www.sourcetech.com, or follow them on FacebookTwitter, and LinkedIn.