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MICR Toner & Supplies

MICR Toner & Supplies

You’ve purchased the best MICR printer on the market. Now give it the best MICR toner and supplies available. Without originally manufactured MICR toner cartridges, banks’ high-speed readers and sorters may not be able to read the magnetic ink easily, resulting in check reject fees. To avoid unnecessary penalty fees and ensure your checks meets Federal Reserve standards, only use quality MICR toner with a MICR printer and blank check stock.

Quality MICR Toner Cartridges

Source Technologies’ MICR toner is developed using proprietary formulas and techniques that are engineered specifically for use in our MICR printers. Our toner cartridges pass a rigorous 300-step, ISO-approved manufacturing process that is designed to optimize print quality, yield, reliability and density over the entire life of the cartridge.

To ensure readability performance, Source Technologies offers a MICR Check Printing Performance Guarantee when using a secure MICR printing solution with a MICR printer, MICR toner and approved blank check stock. If you encounter any MICR reject rate problems, we will help you resolve them. If we are unable to resolve the issues, we will reimburse your check reject fees. Guaranteed

Order your quality MICR toner and MICR toner cartridges in our online store or contact us directly to speak with a sales representative.

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