A/P and Payroll Check Printing Software & Printers

AP / Payroll

Our Accounts Payable and payroll check-printing solution consists of CheckPartnerTM  Enterprise check printing software and our secure MICR check printers. This combination of software and hardware creates a secure, cost-effective method for printing A/P and payroll checks on demand in remote locations without sacrificing control over the process.

For any business, this solution provides a more efficient and effective method for printing MICR checks on location rather than centrally. With browser access to CheckPartner Enterprise, local staff can print accounts payable and payroll checks in real-time.


  • Request all types of checks - AP, payroll, expense checks, on-demand in any location
  • Monitor check-printing activity at multiple locations from a central location
  • Fully automated control, reporting, and auditing over your check issuance process
  • Elimination of check fraud: on-demand checks eliminate the cost and risk of purchasing, handling, storing, and securing pre-printed check stock
  • Remote check printing eliminates the need to distribute checks, saving time and money

Our solution offers the most security available today when it comes to printing accounts payable and payroll checks. Your data is encrypted through the entire process, from the central location to the remote PC and all the way to the printer. And since our printers communicate in real-time to CheckPartner Enterprise, you always know the status of your disbursements. Complete transaction visibility, electronic auditing, and full reporting make this solution robust and easy to use.


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