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Source Technologies gives companies the power to control financial transactions in real time using dynamic hardware, software and self-service solutions.

Our solutions include magnetic ink character recognition (MICR) printers for printing checks and other negotiable documents using a level of security unrivaled in the industry. More than 15 security features help our customers mitigate the risk of check fraud. Since we eliminate the need for pre-printed checks and forms, we eliminate the high costs associated with purchasing and securing this inventory, saving our customers hundreds of thousands of dollars. Our check-printing software provides an easy way for businesses to print checks, electronic disbursements and other sensitive documents in remote locations while maintaining centralized control over the whole process.

Source Technologies' award-winning self-service kiosks are designed from the ground-up to manage secure financial transactions such as bill payments and retail banking transactions with a focus on user experience, reliability and serviceability. Our Self-Service BillPay and Personal Teller Machines automate customer transactions, increases sales, cuts labor costs and maximize customer loyalty and satisfaction. Our kiosk technology is comprehensive, including standard kiosks, devices, components and software application.

Headquartered in Charlotte, NC, Source Technologies has offices across the United States.

Source Technologies Quality Policy

Source Technologies delivers quality products and services that will satisfy our customers' requirements through innovation, excellence, and continuous improvement.

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