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Source Technologies helps companies manage secure transactions in real time.

Our solutions include magnetic ink character recognition (MICR) printers for printing checks and other negotiable documents using a level of security unrivaled in the industry. Our company's unmatched check-printing software provides an easy way for businesses to print checks, electronic disbursements and other sensitive documents in remote locations while maintaining centralized control over the whole process. In addition, our secure document printers use the same high-level of security for printing prescriptions and other time- and information-sensitive material.

Our check and document printing solutions enable companies to print all required information on almost any negotiable document or form in a single printer pass. More than 15 security features help our customers mitigate the risk of check fraud. And since we eliminate the need for pre-printed checks and forms, we eliminate the high costs associated with purchasing and securing this inventory, saving our customers hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Headquartered in Charlotte, NC, Source Technologies has offices across the United States.

Thermal Printing Solutions

For inquiries about Thermal products, please contact DataMax-O’Neil,

See: D-O Acquires Source Technologies’ Thermal Printer Business

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