Source Technologies Brings Mobile Pre-Ordering to Branch Banking, Enhances Customer Experience

Author: Source Technologies

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – July 18, 2016 – As financial institutions look to enhance their branch experiences for customers, Source Technologies, a leading provider of integrated solutions for managing financial transactions and other secure business processes, announced enhancements to its Personal Teller Machine, which now includes proximity sensing and the ability to pre-stage transactions.

Engineered specifically for retail banking transactions, Source Technologies’ Personal Teller Machine continues to drive the evolution of branch banking by infusing technology and capabilities more commonly found in retail environments to produce the best customer experience within the branch. Just as consumers have embraced mobile pre-ordering for quicker pick-up at their local coffee shop, retail banking customers can now leverage their mobile device to initiate transactions for faster kiosk authorization through Source Technologies’ solutions.

Utilizing mobile technology to pre-stage self-service transactions, Source Technologies has created a more convenient, secure ecosystem between a customer’s mobile device and the institution’s Personal Teller Machine. The kiosk also uses proximity sensors to detect when a customer approaches to speed up transaction time and provides additional safety on the back-end as the customer departs following completion of the transaction.

Built to integrate with a financial institution’s core system, the Personal Teller Machine is an ideal space-saving, self-service banking solution that continues to lead the industry in innovation. Its configurable interface enables financial institutions to determine what transactions they want to offer through self-service based on what makes the most sense for their institution.

“Consumers have come to expect higher levels of convenience and service, whether ordering coffee from their local coffee shop or making a financial transaction at their local bank branch,” said Keith Hamilton, CEO of Source Technologies. “Our secure Personal Teller Machines allow financial institutions’ staff to direct their time and expertise toward better meeting the individual needs of their customers in a more efficient and cost effective manner, all while improving the customer experience.”

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