MICR Check Printing White Papers

Source Technologies has produced this series of FREE industry white papers to educate our customers, partners, and prospects on critical industry issues and trends.

Remote Check Funding: An Emerging Best Practice in Mortgage Closings

Learn how mortgage bankers, wholesale lenders, title companies and closing attorneys are using Remote Check Funding to cut costs and streamline their most important business processes. Mortgage bankers can use remote check funding to gain a considerable competitive advantage in acquiring and retaining title companies and attorneys as commercial clients, and other companies leverage remote check funding to gain new sources of revenue and to better manage the delivery of their products and services to the end-consumer.

CheckPartner™ Enterprise: A Disbursement Fulfillment and Management Solution

CheckPartner Enterprise provides a single platform for all disbursements within an organization. It manages on-demand request, approval, and printing of MICR laser checks, electronic disbursements, and other sensitive documents simultaneously from multiple locations via the Internet or within an organization’s intranet. 

MICR Printing Technology: Automating Staffing Check Issuance

Understand the basic concepts behind MICR check printing -  identifying what MICR is and how this technology enables best-practice check issuance. Learn about the problems associated with check fraud, difficulties in maintaining a consistent check issuance process, and how MICR-enabled printing streamlines operations while giving staffing companies a competitive edge by allowing same-day check issuance for temporary employees.