Staffing Firm Saved $19,000 After Implementing a Secure Printing Solution

About the Firm 

One of the southeast’s leading staffing firms provides temporary jobs for thousands of people every day. Their Daily Work, Daily Pay program offers same-day pay for temporary work, which requires thousands of checks to be issued each day.

What We Found

Each of the company’s 20 offices printed checks using a dot matrix printer and pre-printed check stock. The process was tedious and unreliable. The company had considered migrating to a Magnetic Ink Character Recognition (MICR) check printing system, but was concerned about potential integration problems with its payroll software, which was an older, industry-specific program.

Source Technologies’ Secure Printing Solution

After reviewing the options, the agency replaced all of its dot matrix printers with Source Technologies’ secure MICR printers. “Financially we saved almost $19,000 in our first year,” said the Director of MIG. The company was also pleased to discover that the new system saved time, most noticeably in high-volume branches, where as many as 200 checks can now be printed within a two-hour period using the new secure printing solution. The agency was also very satisfied with the integration process. “To our surprise, Source Technologies managed to take only one day to integrate the printers with our software and have us fully functional at our corporate office. Branch installation was so easy, it only took 30 minutes to unpack and program the printers,” said the Director of MIG. “Technical support at Source Technologies has been excellent. We have not had any problems with the printers, but as with any new technology, we do have questions from time to time. The technical support staff has always been available whenever we need them. Overall, the relationship [with] Source Technologies has been excellent. We do not refer to Source Technologies as a vendor, but rather a partner in technology.”

“The biggest financial benefit of the MICR laser printers is the elimination of preprinted, pre-numbered check stock.” - Director of MIG