CIRI Implemented a Secure Printing Solution

CIRI Implements Source Technologies Secure Printing Solution

About CIRI

CIRI is one of 12 Alaska-based regional corporations to benefit Alaska Native people from the Cook Inlet region. The Anchorage-based company has shareholders and interests across the globe. CIRI’s investments include: energy development, oilfield and construction services, environmental services, real estate, tourism, telecommunications, aerospace defense, private equity and venture capital services. CIRI also created non-profit service organizations that provide health care, housing, employment and education to Alaska Natives and others.

What We Found

CIRI was using a custom check writing system with over 50 check templates, each representing a bank account. With so many templates and accounts, their process required significant effort and cost. When issuing checks, CIRI manually uploaded a file to each bank account to transmit data to the antifraud banking feature, “positive pay”. CIRI had virtually no visibility or reporting capabilities without a secure printing solution.

Source Technologies’ Secure Printing Solution

CheckPartner Enterprise™ (CPE) empowered CIRI to easily print, or reprint, numerous check types from any of their companies’ databases to a secure MICR printer, including company logo, signatures and addresses. The organization now has a single, centralized web browser interface to process, approve and route their print job, with an email notification system for confirmation. CheckPartner Enterprise™ software provides the needed online visibility and reporting, exports PositivePay and ACH reports and has led to considerable cost saving, fraud risk reduction and increased efficiency.