Adecco Reduced Check Reject Fees with MICR Check Printers

Adecco Reduced Check Reject Fees with MICR Check Printers

About Adecco

As the world’s largest staffing company, Adecco provides a variety of industries with temporary and full-time clerical, industrial, and technical employees. They help make hundreds of thousands of businesses and four million temporary workers successful each year.

What We Found

Adecco provides an average of 700,000 employees with weekly paychecks. With so many checks produced, Adecco needed a reliable, high-quality, Magnetic Ink Character Recognition (MICR) check printer and secure printing solution. Before coming to Source Technologies, Adecco used remanufactured MICR toner cartridges for check printing. A remanufactured cartridge is a regular (non-MICR) toner cartridge which has been emptied and refilled with MICR toner. These cartridges caused Adecco several headaches:

  • The formula was too abrasive, which caused the fuser to fail. This is an expensive item to replace, and in some cases, a fuser failure voids the warranty on a check printer.
  • Check refusals by banks because the MICR line did not “read” properly, which resulted in check reject fees charged to Adecco.
  • Leakage, which resulted in print quality, maintenance and printer-life issues

Source Technologies’ Secure Printing Solution

Adecco turned to Source Technologies to solve the problem. When they began using Source Technologies’ OEM MICR toner in their existing printers, the problems disappeared. Satisfied with our toner solution, they also chose to upgrade to Source Technologies’ MICR check printers. As all of our clients do, they received the most dependable secure printing solution available, including excellent security and Source Technologies’ exclusive MICR print quality guarantee.