Case Studies & Results from Our Secure Printing Solutions

Southeast Bank Saves Time and Money by Automating Check Issuance

This southeast bank switched from manual check issuance to a secure, automated system, saving time, increasing revenue, and reducing the need for audits.

Adecco Reduced Check Reject Fees with MICR Check Printers

Adecco implemented a secure MICR printing solution to reduce check reject fees and mitigate their risk of check fraud. 

Amica Insurance Eliminated Its Paper Trail with a MICR Multifunction Printer

With a MICR printer and secure printing software, Amica was able to replace its manual check printing process with an automated solution.

Auto Insurer Installed a Secure MICR Printer Solution

Find out how this Fortune 500 insurer used Source Technologies' MICR printers to meet security standards while saving money.

Bank of Hawaii Reduced Their Security Risk and Saved Money

Without the ability to print checks at every branch, the Bank of Hawaii implemented MICR check printers to reduce the slow, costly and risky process of transporting preprinted checks between branches.

Clay County School District Cut Operating Costs with a Secure Printing Solution

Clay County School District, consisting of 39 public school and 26,000 students, significantly reduced their operating costs with a secure printing solution including MICR check printers.

New Mexico WIC Streamlined Its Voucher Printing Process

New Mexico WIC prints 25,000 vouchers every week, and before using a MICR printer, it took up to 6 hours to complete with 28% of their vouchers voided due to printer issues.

Staffing Firm Saved $19,000 After Implementing a Secure Printing Solution

This staffing firm saved time and money with a MICR printer from Source Technologies.

Banco Popular Gained Control Over Their Payment Processes

Banco Popular chose CheckPartner, a secure printing software, for centralized management of its distributed MICR check printing.

Brokerage Firm Saved $150,000 a Month with a Secure Printing Software Solution

Find out how this Top-3 brokerage firm used FormsPartner and Source Technologies' MICR printers to improve security and reduce costs by more than $150,000 per month.

CIRI Implemented an Anti-Fraud Banking Feature

Learn why CIRI chose CheckPartner Enterprise, a secure printing software, for easier management of disbursements.

Mid-Sized Bank Chose MICR Printers for a $1 million Revenue Benefit

Learn how Source Technologies helped this Mid-Size Bank create a new revenue stream of $1million with a secure printing solution.