RiskPartner Enterprise

Our Enterprise edition offers full audit trail functionality and portfolio monitoring, which automatically screens every inquiry you have made against new information on a nightly basis. This feature streamlines your compliance process by eliminating the need to re-submit inquiries on a weekly, monthly or quarterly basis. If the system finds new information, it automatically indicates which name has a portfolio alert, the number of new hits generated, and the date of the original inquiry.

Accessing RiskPartner is easy. Each user is assigned a unique username and password to access the online Search Engine. Once logged in, simply type in the name you want to check and results are delivered in real time, just like any search engine. Except with RiskPartner, you know you are getting only risk-related information.

Global Risk Data Sources

RiskPartner indexes over one million risk-based websites from 1400 risk-relevant RSS feeds plus over 1000 AML-specific sites continually monitored for change.  

RiskPartner Enterprise
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