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Source Technologies’ Latest Self-Service BillPay Solution Simplifies In-Store Bill Payments

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Oct 14, 2014 – Source Technologies, a leading provider of integrated solutions for managing financial transactions and other secure business processes, announced the availability of its latest Self-Service BillPay solution, a complete, automated solution comprised of Source Technologies’ 6-Series kiosk and BillPay software application. The solution is engineered specifically for retailers that want to offer their customers quick and simple self-service bill payment capabilities in-store.

At just over one square foot, Source Technologies’ 6-Series kiosk has the smallest footprint in the payment kiosk industry and can be placed anywhere within the retail environment without impacting displays or foot traffic flow. The kiosk features industrial grade, long-life components including the latest projective capacitive touch technology screen – the same technology pioneered by Apple for use on the iPhone – as well as a durable, all-metal enclosure.

The 6-Series BillPay kiosk is fully customizable, including customer authentication, cash accept and dispense, and the ability to make payments using cash, check, credit or debit card. The BillPay Software application is built on a configurable platform for the design, development, testing and maintenance of self-service applications. The software is PCI compliant to ensure customer data is protected and secure at all times.

Additional benefits of the self-service BillPay solution include:

  • Increased customer service through a multilingual offering;
  • Reduced in-store queues;
  • Improved cash flow through nightly funds processing;
  • Decreased loss due to shrinkage, fraud and counterfeiting; and
  • Enhanced employee productivity.

Furthermore, Self-Service BillPay enhances employee productivity. Not only does it increase convenience for customers, but it enables retailers to focus more on other business areas, such as customer service and sales, rather than manually processing bill payments.

“Aite Group estimates that U.S. consumers make more than 900 million in-person bill payments,” said Keith Hamilton, CEO of Source Technologies. “To effectively manage these payments, retailers must explore new technologies to provide customers an easy way to pay bills without waiting in long lines.”

Hamilton added, “For more than 25 years, we have engineered self-service kiosks to help our customers automate transactions, and our latest 6-Series Self-Service BillPay kiosk is one of the most innovative, high-tech transactional kiosk available in the market today.”

About Source Technologies

Founded in 1986, Charlotte, NC-based Source Technologies is redefining the branch channel by helping banks transform their branches with automation, innovative technology and superior engineering. The company’s print solutions empower businesses to automate the secure printing of sensitive information and negotiable documents, and its ground-breaking transactional and interactive kiosks for self-service and retail applications enhance the self-service experience. Customers include six of the Top 10 US banks, 69 of the Fortune 100, and thousands of small and mid-sized companies. For more information, feel free to visit www.sourcetech.com or connect with them on FacebookTwitter and LinkedIn

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